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Will my baby poop on their photo shoot?

During a newborn photo shoot, it is possible that baby will wee or poop on my blankets, my wraps and probably me. This is the reason a newborn photo shoot takes 2-3 hours. It gives time for feeding, changing, cleaning and bathing (the baby).

Damage limitation is always in place, keeping the nappy on the majority of the time, but some shots require nappy removal (if agreed with the parents). You have all seen the poop and wee out-take shots, well, this rarely happens but if it does, don't worry, we have already done the shots with the nappy, we have used most of the blankets and wraps needed for the shoot. I usually keep a nappy loose, remove it for the shot, then replace it to prevent a big mess. If parents are holding baby, it's done near the end of the photo shoot session, so clothing isn't soiled for the rest of the shoot and a towel is usually in place to catch any that fall to the floor.

I do provide a preparation guide which gives parents a list of items to keep handy during the photo shoot. This guide is given once the appointment is confirmed.

newborn photography
Newborn photography

What can parents do?

Absolutely nothing! Don't panic, don't worry, if it happens, it happens. I usually ask for a plastic bag to keep any soiled item separate and wash them additionally to the other items.

naked baby newborn photography
Newborn photo shoot


Don't disregard images because you are worried that baby might make a mess, it's natural and normal for them to do it. Everything gets washed and I am happy to get a great shot even if it means getting wet!

Newborn photo shoot info:

  1. The session must be booked before baby is 1 month old

  2. The session takes place in your home and can last 2-3 hours

  3. I supply all props and wraps, however you can add in additional props. I will only use props that are safe and do not put baby in danger (including pets)

  4. If baby poops, don't worry!

To book your newborn photo shoot with Vita Vestra Photography visit

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