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5 reasons to have an outdoor pregnancy photo shoot!

Although we are never guaranteed a glorious day in good old Blighty - here are 5 reasons for taking your maternity session outdoors! 

maternity bump photos cheltenham
Waterfall photo shoot - Maternity

1. Having fun! Being outside together is a great time to spend with your partner talking about your pending new arrival, although there is some walking, it is a very relaxed hour and an opportunity for you both to bond with your little bun.

2. Your surroundings will vary which means your backdrops will be different throughout your final gallery giving you more options and a different feel to your photographs, making a bigger choice for your selection.

3. Lighting and nature can make your photos amazing, birds landing in the background, evening sun and even a snowy backdrop can be striking and unique.

4. There is plenty of space you don’t need to worry about fitting studio equipment in your home - although I have never been in a home that I didn't fit and also have a venue for studio space, you can be sure that natural light is always present.

5. Whilst you’re walking around the location this is good for the body and mind, vitamin D from the sun and fresh air is a great bonus 

How can you make your shoot amazing?

  • Organise a change of outfit, this will change the look of the shoot

  • Match your outfit to your location

  • Bring some props that can be used outdoors

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