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Newborn or Not Newborn... that is the question?

Many photographers who specialise in newborn photography will insist on carrying out the photo shoot within the first 2 weeks of birth. This is a great time to swaddle baby for posing and get lovely sleepy photos of your precious new baby. However, I don't think this is the only time that you achieve a perfect gallery of photos of your bundle of joy.

I have recently photographed babies over 8 weeks up to around 16 weeks and I love this age. They are chunky, alert, full of expression, smiley and intrigued by the lights and camera during the photo shoot.

Professional photos are the best way to capture your happiness as a new family. I love to include Mum in all my sessions, especially around this time when baby can look back into her eyes and the emotions come through in the photos. Here are some images from my latest sessions.

This session was lovely, there was no headbands, no colours, just one white wrap, a basket, a white backdrop and natural light.

Skin, nappy and white wrap were the outfits for baby and Mum wore a grey jumper and black leggings, we had lots of interaction between Mum and baby and baby looked at me when I was talking to her, I even got a few smiles.

This gallery was light, natural and beautiful.

For natural professional photography I include photos of hands and toes, ears and over the shoulder shots so Mum and Dad can be seen but not the focus of the photo.

If you would like more information on how to book a natural photo shoot of your baby in Gloucestershire, please contact me via email on or visit my website for more information

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